A return of Knack expected on PlayStation 5

After a new Sony trademark registration where the franchise knock is concerned, many questions now arise as to the use that will be made of this name. In any case, it seems almost certain that the PlayStation 5 will be there.

On March 17 in Japan, Sony proceeded with an astonishing trademark registration: “Knack”. As a reminder, this title, developed by SCE Japan Studio with Mark Cerny to oversee the project, was one of the first titles presented from the PS4. After its release at the end of 2013, its technical qualities were praised, unlike its playful interest.

But never mind, a sequel had been started to finally be put on the market in 2017 and still on PS4. The reception had been more or less the same, and unless sales had gone the opposite way of criticism, one would think that Sony had buried the franchise under tons of pretty bolts.

New Knack content without Japan Studio at the controls?

It was on Monday March 28 that the trademark registration was made public. The name appears in several categories, including the enigmatic “downloadable or installable home video game console program and additional data”. It does not seem to be clearly indicated that a Knack 3 is in development, but whether it is a new episode or contents in a different form, a question arises: which studio for these achievements?

Japan Studio is indeed no longer since last year, and within Sony, only Team Asobi appears to retain the torch of Japanese know-how. And who knows if the studio headed by Nicolas Doucet, most recently responsible for the highly acclaimed Astro’s Playroom, would not be asked to relaunch Knack on the new generation? It goes without saying that in this long period of scarcity on PS5 regarding exclusives, everything is good to take, including the passable. Knowing that last summer, Team Asobi had announced recruiting for “his most ambitious game” nowadays. And we don’t make fun, especially if this Knack manages to seduce this time all sound a few more people.

Source: Gematsu Twitter account (via VGC)

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