A reward of $ 200,000 to anyone who lends their face to the humanoids!

Robot maker Promobot is looking for people who are willing to lend their faces. Volunteers will be able to sell the license of their face for a big reward of $ 200,000. The faces sold will then be assigned to humanoid robots which will be marketed by 2023. They will be used in hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, etc.

Humanoid robots are the future for most people. They are made for perform professional tasks in copying gestures and behaviors human being. In addition to their affordable cost, the work they do mechanically is qualitative. This price-performance ratio and the automation innovation they show make them coveted.

Today, humanoid robots are employees in several fields like inspection, maintenance and more. They try to meet the needs of men, lighten their workload and limit the risks associated with occupational accidents.

Robots with all-human faces?

The humanoid robots offered by the firm Promobot are already marketed for in more than 45 countries in the world. They play and are assigned to several jobs such as guiding, janitorial, consultations, etc. The company wants to be scalable and has expressed its desire to expand its business sector. She actively works for develop new technologies related to Artificial Intelligence (AI), voice assistance, facial recognition, etc.

The company has been in the field for a few years and it is only progressing. As part of this new project, she signed an agreement with an American company. To carry it out, Promobot encourages anyone of all ages and genders to be willing to lend his face to technology.

Some conditions for volunteers

The name of the company’s client is still unknown. Its purpose would be to use these controlled robots in malls, airports and stores in North America and the Middle East. The deployment would be scheduled for year 2023.

Promobot pointed out that he will create 3D models of faces and bodies of those who will have expressed the desire to subscribe to its offer. Those who are selected will be required to sign an agreement that will allow the company to use their appearances and voices for an unlimited time. They will also have to perform dictation sessions to feed the vocal material so that the robots can then copy them.

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