a season 2 for Simon Astier’s series?

The Visitors series was a great success at Warner TV. Is she promised a season 2? Meeting with Simon Astier, Tiphaine Daviot and Damien Jouillerot.

On May 10, Warner TV launched its first French production. To impose itself in France, the studios called on a director and creator who is not at his first attempt: Simon Astier. The creator of Hero Corp intended to pay homage to science fiction with the adventures of a small town struck by a strange phenomenon in Visitors.

When two flying saucers collide, the future of humanity is in danger. Who are these beings from elsewhere and what do they want? It is Richard, who is doing his first day in the police force, who will have the heavy responsibility of clarifying this affair.

On the occasion of the release of the first season on DVD, we met Simon Astier, Tiphaine Daviot and Damien Jouillerot, who camp respectively Richard, Nancy and Bob. Meet.

JDG: The series came out a few months ago now and it was quite well received by the public and critics. What were your reactions when you discovered what the series triggered in viewers?

Simon Astier : I was very, very happy and at the same time, I don’t put anything on it because when we do a project, we try to do something that pleases us above all. In the end, when it comes out, if we put everything on it, it’s borderline not to honor the work that has been done. It’s a bonus, it’s a joy when people necessarily like it because we put our heart into it, we all wore it because we had to be inventive, we had very little time, it had to be smart.

It’s always a plus when people like it, but it shouldn’t become a tragedy if people don’t like it. We’ve all done things that didn’t work and you can’t deny something that doesn’t work. Often the reflex is to say that it was not so good, when not necessarily.

visitors the new series by Simon astier
Credits: Warner TV

JDG: The series was not limited to France, it was dubbed into English. Have you had the opportunity to discover the performance of your American counterparts?

Simon Astier : And in Spanish… Yes. We listened because it’s important, there is music in the dialogues of Visitors and it was interesting to see what they did with it. It’s funny to see, I did Spanish for six years and I can’t remember a word, I really denied that part of my life. The LV2, I don’t even have the cuenta por favor (laughs) but they are the best. In English, it’s very funny because a guy adapted the dialogues and it’s pretty well done.

Damien Jouillerot : It’s funny because I have a friend in San Francisco who sent me this saying ‘listen, it really sounds like your nasal voice’. Indeed, I was quite amazed to see that I was bilingual (laughs).

Simon Astier : What you need to know is that I was lucky enough to be able to validate the English-speaking actors and they had taken a very very big, very cavernous voice for Damien and that is absolutely not that. We recast several times for Damien and in the Spanish version, he has a voice of a guy who makes trailers.

Tiphaine Daviot : I have the same problem, they give me voices like that. No, that’s not true (laughs). I think my physique gives off that.

JDG: The first season ends on a hell of a cliffhanger, you leave us wanting more. Are you already starting to think about what’s next? Do you already have ideas for the future?

Simon Astier : I started telling my partners what season 2 could look like. We all want to do it, it’s already the basis of everything. The team wants to do it so it has to stir things up properly with those who decide. Afterwards, it’s classic, you have to come up with something and if they like it, we’ll go to the next stage, etc. We talk about it, we hope to do it. If there is a season 2, for those who have seen the end, it goes all over the place.

visitors season 1
Credits: Warner Bros TV

JDG: What would you like to see for your characters?

Tiphaine Daviot : Oh me, it’s funny because it’s not at all something I think about. You could say that I am Carpe Diem (laughs). Nah what I mean is that I like the surprise. I don’t want to imagine my character at all because if I start doing that, I’d be too afraid of being disappointed if I imagine something crazy and it doesn’t happen. What’s really cool about our job is that it’s Christmas every day.

Sometimes they are very bad gifts, tea towels, the aunt who makes disgusting slippers, well, slippers are practical. When you open a scenario, it’s always a surprise, what’s going to happen. The guy who gives us the gift is great and he has good taste so I don’t project myself.

Damien Jouillerot : Nah but me, it’s the same, I can’t wait to read in fact. I want to stay his best friend, but it can go live.

Simon Astier : If we saw the end, it could become anything and everything. That’s what’s great when you pick up a series with a strong cliffhanger, the field of possibilities is endless. After that, it will stay within that framework, you mustn’t break everything, otherwise it’s dangerous.

JDG: After superheroes and extraterrestrials, is there another genre that you would like to explore as a director?

Simon Astier : Ghosts me. I’m writing a screenplay with ghosts. Maybe a movie. I’m developing a story about it.

Tiphaine Daviot : Will there be pottery?
Simon Astier: No, there’s no pottery, but he’s a glass blower (laughs). Very complicated, because you can’t touch the blowing thing without burning yourself to the fifth degree, I’m at a screenplay dead end (laughs).

Simon Astier in Visitors
Credits: Nicolas Auproux

JDG: 3 tips for surviving an Alien invasion?

Simon Astier : Wow, a healthy lifestyle, strong values ​​and above all drinking water, water, water, water.

JDG: 3 things not to do in the presence of an alien?

Tiphaine Daviot : Oh I don’t know, cow. Dancing macarena probably, making pottery and drinking water probably.

JDG: 3 fictional people who would save the world for sure

Damien Jouillerot : Rocky, it is sure, it is obliged. Rocky 2 (laughs). MacGyver because he can do whatever he wants and then Magnum. Magnum because with a flowered shirt like that… and water….

To find out if Rocky will save the world from Visitors, it’s on DVD that it happens. The first season of the series produced by Warner TV is already available for purchase. You can also discover it on MyCanal.

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