a second screen next to the keyboard to come?

a second screen next to the keyboard to come?

Lenovo could offer in the next few months a laptop with a radically different style than what we are used to seeing. The Chinese giant could add a second screen next to the keyboard.

The next Lenovo ThinkBook Plus could well bring great novelties to the range. Indeed, the first information and the first visuals of this new model allow us to see it accompanied by a second screen. The latter would be positioned next to the keyboard. A configuration never seen on a product of this type.

If for the moment this design, discovered by EVleaks, must be confirmed by other sources in order to gain credibility, it questions the look that our laptops could take in the coming years. In a universe that is having the greatest difficulty in renewing itself, this new design could break the codes and cut sharply with the classic image we have of a laptop computer. But despite this radically different style, this new product from Lenovo, if it were to emerge, would not be a UFO for all that. Laptop manufacturers have been looking for the right way to bring more touch to their products for years.

This is not the first time that the Chinese brand has offered a computer with two screens. At the last CES, Lenovo had already surprised its world by presenting a very futuristic model with a second screen, located on the back of the computer. If this prototype has not given any sign of life since, Lenovo continues to believe in the technology of the two screens and according to information reported by EVLeaks this new model of ThinkBook could use this second screen as a mini touch pad. In the visuals published so far, it is indeed possible to see a stylus next to this small screen, proof of the use that Lenovo intends to make of it.

Two screens: an idea that doesn’t appeal to everyone

While waiting for official announcements from Lenovo, which could arrive at the next CES, it will be necessary to be satisfied with the information given under the cloak which should quickly validate or invalidate this second screen. Even if the latter were to make its official arrival at the next American tech show, which begins on January 5, Lenovo will still have to face a major opponent: the public.

The latter has in fact never shown a great love for second screens, the best example on this subject remains the Apple Bar Key, a small touch screen placed above the keyboard and which has been widely criticized by the public of the apple mark. After a few years of unsuccessful marketing, Apple even removed this soundbar from the latest MacBook Pro model. While the world of laptops struggles to renew, Lenovo wants to continue to believe in the revolution brought by a second screen.

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