a security breach forces the servers to be shut down

Now, in addition to endangering his self-respect, Dark Souls could attack our PCs: a security breach has been discovered in the PC versions of the games in the FromSoftware franchise. This flaw would allow the use of arbitrary Remote Execution (or RCE) code, a particularly dangerous type of computer exploit code.

In response to this discovery, publisher Bandai Namco decided to disable PvP servers for games. Dark Souls Remastered, Dark Souls 2 and Dark Souls 3 until further notice.

you are hacked

Clearly, this breach would allow malicious people to take remote control of the player’s PC through the online part of the game through the execution of an exploitation code. The first publicly known victim is The__Grim__Sleeper, a Twitch streamer who experienced the flaw during a game session on Dark Souls 3. Games Dark Souls allow players to “invade” other players’ games through the activation of an online play option. After being visited by another player, The__Grim__Sleeper lost full control of his PC, much to his amazement.

If we do not know the identity of the hacker behind this demonstration, his intentions may not be dishonest, according to a Discord screenshot reported by the site The Verge. According to this testimony, the hacker in question wanted to highlight this security flaw in the eyes of the players who had to get the message across, after having tried in vain to contact the FromSoftware teams to inform them of his discovery, and only a few weeks from the exit ofElden Ring. Important clarification: this flaw does not affect the console versions.

Waiting for an official patch

A fix has been added to the Blue Sentinel cheat mod to Dark Souls 3 to close this security breach. A Reddit user clarifies that “only 4 people” would be able to exploit this security flaw: two developers from Blue Sentinel, and two people who discovered the exploit code. Currently, game servers Dark Souls are still offline.

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