a sequel in preparation at Obsidian?

12 years after the first opus, could a sequel to Fallout New Vegas really see the light of day? Yes, according to rumours.

fallouta franchise that marked an entire generation in the genre of post-apocalyptic video games, has been in the midst of a crisis for a few years, especially after the setbacks of Fallout 76, quickly blacklisted by the press but also by the players. However, a very special new opus should be able to catch up, and it seems that this one is already at the heart of discussions at Microsoft and Obsidian.

In fact, the media VentureBeat reports that a sequel to Fallout New Vegas, one of the players’ favorite opuses, would be considered, although it is not yet in development at the studio. He specifies : ” it’s still very early days, but people have started discussing and putting certain words together into sentences, and those words are ‘Obsidian’ and ‘New Vegas 2’. A lot of people at Microsoft think it could work, and there’s a good chance it will. »

As you will have understood, nothing has yet been decided for the long-awaited title. 12 years after the first opus, Fallout New Vegas 2 could make a triumphant return to consoles and PC, while wiping out Bethesda Softworks’ latest disaster. Although this is possible, the media still warns that it would take “ years and years before you can get your hands on the game. But, “ there is at least interest and conversations taking place for something like this to become a reality. »

A revelation still too vague

As of this writing, neither Microsoft nor Obsidian has confirmed Venturebeat and so there is officially no game Fallout New Vegas in development. In addition, if the discussions between the two parties come to a positive conclusion, nothing can yet tell us that it will be a sequel, and not a spin-off or a brand new game.

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