A silver coin reveals the independence tendencies of the Jews under the Roman occupation

A sifting of the ruins of Mount Temple of Jerusalem allowed to unearth a piece of inestimable historical value. The Israel Antiquities Authority (AIA) has announced that a girl, Liel Krutokop, has found a coin extremely rare dating from 68 apr. The coin with Hebrew letters was engraved with the image of a cup.

Many volunteers worked on this the project site housed in Emek Tzurim National Park, in East Jerusalem. Several pieces had been unearthed there, but this silver coin presented something unique and fascinating to archaeologists.

The study of this distant currency will undoubtedly help to understand the desires of the Jews facing the occupation of Roman troops.

Extraordinary inscriptions observed on the coin

Scientists believe that this coin was part of the silver stash hidden in the vaults of the second temple before the attacks of the Romans around the year 70 AD. J.-C .. On the back, it presented marks which related it in particular to the High Priest of the Second Temple. The expression “Holy Jerusalem” also appeared there.

In addition, the researchers maintain that this piece evokes the support of the sages of the Temple to the Revolt of the Jews against Roman aggression. These are unpublished details of the history of this people that have been brought to light through this artefact. It is also expressive of the sovereignist wishes of the Jews during this period.

“If you go into rebellion you are using one of the most obvious symbols of independence and you are minting coins. The inscription on the coin clearly expresses the aspirations of the rebels. The choice to use the ancient Hebrew script, which was no longer in use at the time, is not accidental. “

Dr Robert Kool, Head of the IAA Coins Department

A discovery that restored the honor of the Jews

Accounts of the attitude of the Jews during the 400 years under the Roman domination will be enriched by the importance of this piece. It is a discovery which reflects a certain combativeness of the Jewish people in the face of foreign attacks.

Inevitably, in a hostile environment and geopolitical rivalries that characterize the sub-region, the State of Israel might be tempted to surf on this discovery to galvanize its troops.

In a context where several archaeological excavation projects are underway, new discoveries are to be expected in Israel.

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