A SpaceX rocket is going to crash on the far side of the Moon, and it was not planned

“The rocket has a rendezvous with the Moon…” (to a tune by Charles Trenet). Bill Grayan advanced astronomical engineer to whom we owe Project Pluto (monitoring of space objects passing near the Earth) did his little calculations and determined that a stage of a SpaceX Falcon 9 launcher will inevitably crash into the dark side of the Moon around March 4th!

Moon Melies

This rocket was launched into space in 2015, but its return to Earth did not go as planned. Engine failure (it happens) stuck the spacecraft in orbit. The rocket’s orbital path became more and more random over time so that the Falcon 9 ended up in the path of the Moon’s orbital zone (an orbit change of sorts). Once in lunar orbit, the crash is then unavoidable, which is moreover the disastrous fate that awaits any space object that no longer manages to stay in terrestrial orbit (without the intervention of a well-known engine thrust). sure).

The impact zone being located on the unlit side of the Moon, we will not be able to witness the crash live, which ultimately deprives us of a nice show.

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