A spin-off episode of “F-Zero” almost came out, but not on Switch

A spin-off episode of “F-Zero” almost came out, but not on Switch

A former member of Nintendo has revealed that a spin-off episode of the franchise F-Zero was supposed to emerge on virtual boy. Although the development of this title was completed, the poor reception of the console led the manufacturer to review its plans, and thus abandon this release.

The recent mentions of F-Zero in the news had reason to manhandle the fan, since we saw each time the emblematic Captain Falcon in promotional videos for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate where the presence of the character seemed only to hold figuration.

The news that will now be discussed should not be so painful, because concerning the development of an episode that was called to be quite different from the original formula, in addition to a low-regarded hosting platform at its era.

“Zero Racers”, a “spin-off” of F-Zero whose development was completed

In a new video dedicated to never-released Nintendo games, YouTube account DidYouKnowGaming? takes a look at the case of “G-Zero,” a spin-off episode of F-Zero that was supposed to air on Virtual Boy. As a reminder, this console was the first known attempt at virtual reality by a video game player. Jim Wornell, former Nintendo of America staffer, said “G-Zero”, later renamed “Zero Racers”, was ready for release. Before this release is cancelled, we need a sufficiently adopted medium.

“As an associate producer […], wrote screen texts, manuals and packaging, took screenshots, oversaw the debug and approval process, liaised with NCL, j ‘ve worked with marketing and advertising etc. »

“Anything related to launching a game in North America was my responsibility. ‘G-Zero’, later known as ‘Zero Racers’, was on my list of projects. »

“Zero Racers was over. We had a full manual, packaging and label for the game, it had been through batch control, it had an ESRB rating [NDLR : organisme de classification américain]. It was complete. »

Appearing in the pages of the Summer 1996 issue of Nintendo Power magazine, “Zero Racers” was to mark the debut of several pilots such as Jody Summer and James McCloud, who eventually appeared in F-Zero X on N64. Today, even if the Switch is linked to the temptation of easy porting, hoping to see a “Zero Racers” even reworked would be very unwise.

Source: DidYouKnowGaming YouTube account? (transcription by VGC)

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