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A startup thinks it can prevent aging with the help of drugs

Delay or even stop aging? Many scientists have already looked into the subject, but the results are not yet obvious. Today, a 35-year-old entrepreneur named James Peyer is up for the challenge of finding an effective way to delay aging. At the head of his startup Cambrian Biopharma, he wants a 70-year-old to look and feel like a 50-year-old by 2050.

Peyer is a stem cell researcher. He founded his startup with German billionaire Christian Angermayer. According to Peyer, aging is a disease that humans can beat with drugs. With his company, he plans to prove it by first identifying health problems that mimic aging, such as those that cause loss of muscle mass. He will then collaborate with researchers who are studying the remedies for these diseases.

In an interview with The Times of London newspaper, Peyer said that of the 100,000 years that we have been a species, it is only in the past 75 years that these “diseases of aging” have been the “main predators”. of humanity. He added that they were in the process of isolating the biggest predators and figuring out how to defeat them.

Investors are enthusiastic

According to reports, the next step after finding researchers ready to develop the cures will be to found companies to sell the drugs associated with the identified diseases. Then, Peyer plans to expand research on these drugs to eventually receive government authorization.

Even though this is a pretty unusual business, it looks like investors are interested. Indeed, Cambrian Biopharma was able to secure $ 100 million in investment from a “visionary group of investors” last month, as Peyer reported.

There are already some tracks

Scientists have already carried out preliminary studies on the drug called metformin, and the results have shown that this product has anti-aging properties. However, no in-depth study has been carried out on the subject since aging is not officially considered a disease. Despite this, an anonymous figure is known to have spent $ 70 million to fund a clinical trial of metformin as a cure for aging.

As for Cambrian Biopharma, the future will tell us if the startup will indeed be able to offer specific treatments against aging in the years to come.

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