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a straight for the flop with Jared Leto?

It’s Morbin Time! After two bitter failures at the box office, will Morbius be entitled to a sequel? Jared Leto responds.

After a quick stint at DC in the skin of the Joker, Jared Leto took his first steps in the Marvel team this year. If it doesn’t quite fit in mcuit is under the Sony banner that the actor and singer is appeared in the skin of the doctor Morbius. He played a man suffering from an orphan disease who decides to develop a cure from the DNA of vampire bats.

But quickly, what promised to be an extraordinary medical advance turned out to be more dangerous than the disease itself. A synopsis that had something for us intriguewhile Marvel and Disney are still hesitant to quite dive into horror. Unfortunately for Sony, success is far from there. The film failed to surpass the $200 million mark in gross, stagnating at just $163 million worldwide.

A commercial failure that Sony seems not to have understood car Morbius has been talked about a lot on the web, especially through a number of memes. One of them particularly caught the attention of the spectators, to the point that Jared Leto seized it for sself-parody. He recently published a video in which he unveils the script for the second part, called It’s morbin Time.

It was enough for Sony, which decided to bring out the film in certain American cinemas. The result is clear: barely $300,000 for 1,037 screens according Forbes. You can hit the box office once, but not fifteen?

Jared Leto back in character

The Marvel universe at Sony is more than uncertain. Whereas Morbius clearly had the ambition to introduce a film about the Sinister Six, this bitter failure will undoubtedly have forced Sony to review its copy. However, Jared Leto has obviously not quite drawn a line under the protagonist. During an interview for The Playlistabout the Apple series TV+ WeCrashedhe answers questions about his return to Sony.

“Well, as the old saying goes, never say never.

But that statement doesn’t just apply to her performance as Morbiushe also mentioned his performance in Suicide squad. Although the film represents the other critical flop of his career, the Snyder Cut had at least had the merit of restoring its image a little.

Remember that a movie harley quinn vs. Joker had been announced several times by Warner Brosbut that the firm never gave any news. It is therefore unlikely that he will ever land on our screens, especially at a time when it is now Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker who seems to be at the heart of DC Films’ concerns.

What future for the Sony’s Spiderman Universe ?

The Spider-Man Trilogy with Tom holland do a little face exceptional in the tottering universe of Sony. While theSpider Man a hit with each of his appearances, it’s different music on the side of his antagonists. Venom wreaked havoc (not in a good way) Morbius delivered us a film vampirized to the possible and the other projects of Sony are not more engaging.

In particular, we should discover Kraven : The hunter with Aaron Taylor Johnson in the title role, as well as a film centered on Madame Web with Dakota Johnson. We don’thas on the other hand, no news of the film directed by Olivia Wilde, when it was undoubtedly the most intriguing. let’s remember that Venom will return for a third part of his adventures, still with Tom Hardy in the skin of the main character.

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