a surprise episode is coming to Netflix!

No, it’s not a dream, Sandman is getting a surprise eleventh episode on Netflix.

Sandman is already a success for Netflix. The adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s graphic novels seems to have found its audience, it is at the top of the ranking of the most popular series of the moment. At the end of its second week of operation, the production has accumulated no less than 127 million hours watched worldwide.

It must be said that this major project was particularly awaited by the spectators. Sandman is a major work in the bibliography of Neil Gaiman, but not only. The story has left its mark, and the series intends to impose itself in the same way. It is obviously a success since the spectators and the press are full of praise for the project carried by the writer himself.

But while subscribers are barely recovering from their emotions, Netflix is ​​already putting the cover back. The platform extends the stay of its users in the land of dreams, with a bonus episode. It is on Twitter that the platform announces the surprise publication of this double episode, this Friday, August 19. A hybrid chapter, it mixes live action and animation.

It is inspired by two chapters that are very popular with readers: A dream of a thousand cats and Calliope. In these stories, Morpheus crosses the path of a cat as well as that of a writer in search of inspiration. The onirism of the series is more than ever there, the spectators will not be disoriented.

beautiful people

For this new episode, Netflix is ​​making some changes in its ranks. New actors invite themselves into the universe, some are even rather familiar with the license. This is the case of James McAvoy who lent his voice to Sandman in the audio adaptation of the graphic novels by Neil Gaiman.

Others also seem to have trouble leaving the author’s universe since Micheal Scheen and David Tennant are also in the game. Both actors star in Good Omens on Amazon Prime Video. Finally, we can note the appearance of Sandra Oh (Killing Eve) and Arthur Darville (Doctor Who).

A season 2?

Sandman is a success on Netflix, enough to be renewed? The ways of Netflix are impenetrable, we can never really know what fate will be reserved for our favorite productions. Nevertheless, the series developed by Neil Gaiman and Allan Heinberg could well establish itself as the new spearhead of the platform. In any case, Gaiman still has many things to tell and says he is “ready to leave for a potential season 2” He confides to variety :

“We covered 400 pages of a 3,000 page arc in the first ten episodes. So do the math. On the other hand, another answer would be: how far does the string go once you start pulling on it? We know there are things we’d like to do, in an ideal world, from when the public responds, when people answer the call and encourage us to tell the full story until The Wake (comics end editor’s note)”

Sandman is available from August 5 on Netflix. If you have not yet discovered this dreamlike marvel, we can only advise you to launch the first episode. And if you are not yet convinced, you can read our review.

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