A three-speed automatic transmission from Bafang for easier driving

Cyclists know Bafang for its motors that power many electric bikes. But the Chinese equipment manufacturer does not stop at this niche. The company has just unveiled an automatic transmission that is out of the ordinary.

The explosion in the use of bicycles, electric or not, is boosting the innovations of manufacturers and equipment manufacturers. Bafang, one of the main manufacturers of motors for electric models, is getting out of its core business by unveiling an innovative transmission for classic bicycles such as those with electric motors.

The transmission does all the work

This is a three-speed automatic transmission, which is installed at the rear wheel. A mechanism based on internal gears allows the bike to adopt the right gear according to the speed of the bike, all without the intervention of the cyclist who is rid of this sometimes complicated management. He can therefore appreciate the landscape even better!

At the component level, the equipment therefore does not require any gear lever or shift cable, which automatically reduces the maintenance of the bicycle and facilitates its maintenance. The transmission, which weighs a full 1.7 kg, is installed in place of the rear hub (if there is other equipment there, such as a motor or brakes, you will have to go your way).

© Bafang

The product supports bicycles with wheels (20 to 28 inches) driven by chain or belt. The maximum torque supported by the hub is 80 Nm. This transmission can therefore be used on a bicycle equipped with a motor ranging from 25 to 32 km/h, knowing that the maximum authorized in Europe is 25 km/h .

Bafang specifies that this gear transmission is particularly suitable for urban electric bikes, cargo or even for trekking. It can also be installed on conventional bicycles without an electric motor, but the manufacturer still recommends installing it on a VAE.

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