a TV that vibrates for immersive sound

Audio quality is often the poor relation of televisions. To get your ears full, it’s better to add speakers or a sound bar… But maybe not for a very long time.

The speakers built into televisions are generally too small to provide audio quality with the trunk. It is indeed difficult to fit sufficiently powerful loudspeakers into increasingly thin products! This is why it is recommended to set up an audio set with several speakers in your living room. Which is unfortunately hardly cheap…

A vibrating screen

LG nevertheless offers an alternative to 5.1 or 7.1 installations! The new OLED EX TV model indeed promises to impress with its 97-inch diagonal, but also to dazzle your ears thanks to a film positioned behind the slab which makes the screen vibrate. According to LG Display, this CSO technology (for “Cinematic Sound OLED”) offers a quality ” cinematic immersion » unpublished, worthy of a 5.1 system.

This selling point is all the more surprising since the sound comes from the TV, and not from external speakers that are behind the viewer. It is not the first time that LG has used this technology which was already at work in the G8 smartphone, released in 2019. Of course, a smartphone and a television are not quite the same thing, this which could look like a gimmick on a small device can be more impressive on a much larger television (97 inches, let’s remember).

There is, however, a point of reference. Sony’s Bravia AG9 uses the same type of technology, and according to the test of the specialized site Expert Reviewsthis model is simply “ one of the best tvs in the world for sound “. This is promising for LG’s device, which still goes a step further by talking about sound immersion.

The 97-inch OLED EX model will be available in Europe by the end of the year, priced at €25,000.

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