a vehicle designed for travel and fun!

If you are a fan of traveling by electric scooter, to go to work or simply for fun, you absolutely must try the Kirin G3 model from the KUGOO brand. You will be able to walk around in complete safety while having maximum pleasure!

We can’t start this review without zooming in on the scooter’s features:

In short, quality materials both on the side of the structure and on the engine side!

The first thing that I find pleasant is the design. It has a modern look, with eye-catching colors. You will not go unnoticed while walking the roads around your home. To start you simply have to unfold the handlebar and screw in the clamping screw. It is a different handling from other electric scooters, which offers to simply clip the handlebars.

The first time it may seem a little longer but it is a guarantee of security in the solidity of the product. Once you have charged the scooter (full charging time around 8-10 hrs), you can turn it on by simply pressing the on button, located on the right handle. The LED touch screen lights up to offer you all the useful information (we’ll come back to this a little later). Select your speed mode, among the 3 offered:

  • mode 1 up to 10 km/h
  • mode 2 up to 25 km/h
  • mode 3 up to 50 km/h

And you just have to get on the scooter and let yourself be guided.

Let’s go back to the touch screen offered by this electric scooter. All important information is present and very easy to read at a glance. You can know your speed, which is displayed in large print to read it very quickly while driving. You will find the battery level, displayed in percentage and in the form of a bar indicating the level. Three touch buttons are available:

  • the first on the right to choose the display mode
  • the second to choose between the 3 speed modes
  • the third to choose the lighting (also 3 modes)

This screen is well thought out, because even on a very sunny day, you can easily read the information displayed. You will also find other small information such as temperature and mileage, a real dashboard for this scooter.

On the way to test the performance of the Kirin G3! Equipped with a 1200 W motor on the rear wheel, I start my test with mode 1, which is limited to 10 km/h. Convenient if you want to drive in a busy pedestrian area and avoid hitting a pedestrian. I switch very quickly to mode 2, which allows you to reach a speed of 25 km/h. The grip is very comfortable and the ride very pleasant.

The 10.5-inch wheels offer very good road holding and the shock absorbers absorb road faults very well. I finally switch to mode 3, which allows you to reach a speed of 50 km/h. It is at this moment that we become aware of the potential of the electric scooter. With a more dynamic start, without finding your buttocks on the ground, driving is done without risk and without fear.

The wide handlebar allows you to hold the scooter well in your hand and feel safe. The trigger to accelerate is very responsive and the disc brakes allow you to brake and stop quickly. The scooter is as comfortable on the road as on paths (unless the path is too damaged). To conclude on the use, it is a real pleasure to use the scooter. It is as well made for the city as for the countryside.

Range on a scooter is an important factor. With its 18 Ah battery, the Kirin G3 offers a range of 60 km. This autonomy reduces a little if you always use mode 3, which is a little more energy-consuming. For daily use, a single refill per week should be sufficient. Driving comfort thanks to effective shock absorbers.

This is a very good point on this scooter, you ride without feeling too much the holes and bumps of the road. With one shock absorber in the front and one in the rear, the scooter absorbs all the faults of the road and ensures you driving safety. Disc brakes front and rear. To continue on safety, the proposed braking system ensures that you can stop quickly.

The front brake is set not to lock up and thus prevent you from tipping forward; while the rear brake blocks the wheel very quickly. If you use the scooter in an urban area, this is a plus that is very important for your safety and that of others. A very useful light at night. This is often the downside of electric scooters; lighting for night riding.

With the two LED lights, the Kirin G3 gives you good visibility of the road even at night. You have an LED on each side of the front wheel, which illuminates the ground very well. Of course, you always have to be more vigilant at night, but this is a very significant point of our KUGOO Kirin G3.

The model offered by the KUGOO brand is a very nice product. The design is worked to make the scooter pleasant to look at. The size allows you a very good grip and gives you a feeling of security. The battery and the motor ensure top-of-the-range performance. For everyday use, the Kirin G3 is very practical; the only downside is its weight.

You won’t be able to get the scooter off easily if you live on the 3rd floor without a lift. For leisure use, you can enjoy walking on roads and paths without any problem. The possibility of reaching 50 km/h will give you good driving sensations; remember to equip yourself with a helmet and gloves for this kind of practice.

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