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a video starts the rumors of a possible DLC

A player manages to enter the Elden Ring Coliseum, possibly the setting for an upcoming DLC ​​based on a PvP multiplayer mode.

Released on February 25, Elden Ring achieves one of the biggest launches in the video game industry, although it is still subject to some annoyances. But players are already looking to the future, and especially to the gameplay possibilities that the game can offer us in the near future. If no announcement has been made on the side of Bandai Namco or From Software, a video discovery launches the rumors.

Several proofs related to an online PvP mode

In a clip shared by Lance McDonald, we can see that the player has managed to infiltrate an area of ​​the map ofElden Ring inaccessible to players. This is the Colosseum and it probably has some secrets to reveal to us. Indeed, by exploring dark alleys, the player eventually leads to the heart of the arena in the center of the Colosseum, which has the merit of being in a fairly decent state for a non-explorable area.

Just outside the building stands an NPC who keeps wondering why the door to the Colosseum won’t open. This is why some think, in the light of this video, thatElden Ring should have a DLC based on the Colosseum, in which a PvP mode would be added. It would then honor the Souls tradition of having a mode like this in its gameplay arsenal.

We immediately imagine epic player versus player battles, like medieval jousting or the gladiator fights of antiquity. Another clue that puts the flea in the ear of the players, it seems that several Colosseums have been spotted in the four corners of the map. The one in the video is in the Limgrave region, right next to Stromveil Castle.

Elden Ring is not done with you

Pending a possible announcement from the developers, the world ofElden Ring hasn’t finished entertaining you for many hours. Indeed, the From Software teams clearly refused nothing and bet everything on the vastness of the open world, which contains many places to visit, but also multiple enemies to fight, to the delight of regulars of the game. studio.

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