a video version of the EOS R5 for “unlimited” 8K recording

Canon has decided to decline its EOS R5 in a version specially designed for video shooting. The EOS R5 C pushes the boundary between camera and camera to bring some new features for videographers.

A year and a half after the presentation of its EOS R5 full-frame sensor mirrorless camera, Canon is unveiling a video version. New representative of the EOS Cinema range, the Canon EOS R5 C is intended for professionals and experienced videographers. While the EOS R5 was the first photo-oriented model capable of filming in 8K, the Japanese manufacturer wants to go even further with its new EOS R5 C.

As its name suggests, this device is more dedicated to video while taking up the basics of the R5. From the 45 Mpx 24×36 sensor to the burst mode of up to 20 frames per second, the Digic X image processor or the 5.76 million dot OLED viewfinder, the EOS R5 C has many points in common with his elder. On the other hand, it brings several new features in video to justify its name and appeal to videographers.

“Unlimited” recording thanks to a fan

Flagship feature of the EOS R5, the possibility of filming in 8K is however marred by an overheating problem that Canon wanted to correct. The case is equipped with an internal fan to better dissipate heat and “ensure hours of continuous filming in high 8K quality”. In theory, the limit should rather be at the level of the capacity of the memory card or the autonomy of the battery. An unsurprising approach for a camera that does not meet the same energy needs as a conventional camera.

It is possible to film, without cropping, up to 8K RAW at 30 fps and even reach 60 frames per second in 8K, with an external power supply. Canon specifies that recording in 4K 120p is also facilitated and is carried out without cropping with autofocus. Note in passing the support for the Cinema RAW Light format with three variations: RAW HQ (High Quality), RAW ST (Standard Quality), and RAW LT (Light Quality). The EOS R5 C has two slots for memory cards (CFexpress 2.0 type B and SD UHS-II).

Anxious to offer a versatile box, Canon has equipped its EOS R5 C with two separate menus. The first for the photo offers an interface similar to that of the EOS R photo system while the video mode will activate the EOS Cinema interface. In the radius of the differences, we can observe the EOS R5 C is a little more imposing (142 × 101 × 111 mm) and heavier by 30 grams (680 g) than the classic model (138.5 × 97.5 × 88 mm and 650 g for the EOS R5). The presence of a fan can explain this thickening of the case.

Price and availability

On the price side, the Canon EOS R5 C will be available from March 2022 at a price of 4,999.99 euros. It is positioned between the EOS R5 (4,499 euros) and the EOS C70 camera (5,109 euros), with a higher price than that of its direct competitors, the Panasonic Lumix S1H (3,600 euros) and the Sony A7S III (4,200 euros). However, it has a size advantage with 8K support.

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