A Youtubeur is accused of having simulated the crash of his plane to make views

Since the publication of his video, where he shows himself escaping a plane crash, Trevor Jacob has drawn the wrath of the platform. Several other Youtubers indeed accuse him of having staged the event, with many supporting arguments. The case has taken on such proportions that the American authorities have decided to launch an investigation.

youtube plane crash

It’s been a long time since YouTube crossed the borders of the Internet. The platform has enabled many people to make their dream come true, even allowing some to get a job thanks to their talents. But such success inevitably attracts individuals who are less “passionate”, and more interested in recognition and money. Today, Unfortunately, deviations are no longer rare on YouTube, sometimes endangering the very people posting these videos.

Today’s story seems to fall into this second category. It all starts on November 24, 2021. Trevor Jacob, then a recent graduate of an aviation school, decides to film his flight aboard his Taylorcraft BL64. But all did not go as planned. During the trip, plane engine fails, and the driver fails to restart it. Taylor then decides to flee by air, letting his plane crash into the ground. “That’s why I always fly with a parachute”, he exclaims during his fall.

Did Trevor Jacob stage his plane crash?

Very quickly, the video is controversial. In the comments, the specialists seem unanimous: the plane crash was organized from scratch. Trevor’s little joke after jumping from the plane has indeed put a flea in the ear of some regulars. Many have noticed that his other videos, the pilot does not wear a parachute. Moreover, the cabin of his plane seems too small to be cluttered with such equipment. We can see him sporting a bag on one of his Instagram photos, but that’s it.

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Other Youtubers claim that Trevor bought his Taylorcraft BL64 just a month before the accident. The airman would then have admitted to the seller “prepare something special”. From there, the clues multiply. One of the cameras turns off just before the engine problem. A fuel tap is disconnected, as is its microphone. Additionally, Trevor has no no valid reason to return to the crash site if the plane does not carry any essential foodstuffs.

The pilot still has some support, which underlines the fact that he only obtained his license in 2020, which may explain all these amateurisms. But the doubt remains. So much so that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the American aviation regulatory agency, has decided toopen an investigation to solve the case. It will take about a year to get a definitive answer.

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