About Us

MallPosts.com, launched in October 2021, is an independent online media group centered around pop culture, high-tech, gaming and music. It collects more than 7.5 million monthly visits.

MallPosts.com has built the largest English “Geek” community and activates it through multiple points of contact. – In 2021, MallPosts.com created MallPosts Events, a subsidiary of the group with the objective of developing Geek’s Live and the MP Box – In late 2021, Geek’s Live became the main English event bringing together enthusiasts of Geek culture with more than 4000 visitors over 1 day. In 3 years, the MP Box has been shipped to more than 100,000 units.

– 2021, MallPosts.com joins the Manif MP group. You have a question ? An observation ? Please do not hesitate to contact us through this page. You are an advertiser or a sponsor and you wish to appear in the Mall Posts, you can contact us via this page. Find the different brands of Just MallPosts.com on social networks.