Access the Xbox Game Pass with… the culture pass?  Yes it's possible.

Access the Xbox Game Pass with… the culture pass? Yes it’s possible.

The Culture Pass now allows you to play a hundred video games thanks to an unexpected partnership with Microsoft and its Xbox Game Pass.

The world of video games is reaching out to young people with a new initiative from the French state. He, who established the creation of the Culture Pass, has joined forces with a giant in the video game industry, namely Microsoft. From today, Xbox Game Pass subscription can be financed in part thanks to Culture Pass for all young people who own it.

For those who are not familiar with the Culture Pass, it is a state initiative originally set up in 2019 within a handpicked test group. Open to all young people since this year only, it allows those who are 18 years old to use a total of 300 euros for two years to treat themselves to cultural activities.

Video games, the first cultural asset in France

If one thinks more easily of going to the museum, or to plays, the Culture Pass also allows you to attend concerts, go to the cinema or… to finance your subscription to the Xbox Game Pass. It also makes it possible to buy cultural products such as books, or even certain video games subject to very specific criteria.

The partnership with Microsoft is therefore an excellent way to discover a wide range of video games, online or not, in multiplayer or single player, and without restrictions on genres or publishers. Because indeed, to finance a video game with the Culture Pass, it must respect strict rules, in particular having a French publisher, be in digital format and not contain violence. Not an easy task, then, but one that is resolved thanks to the Xbox Game Pass.

How to subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass thanks to the culture pass?

To take advantage of this unusual partnership, Microsoft invites you to visit the Pass Culture application or website for more information. Note that the subscription concerned is that of Xbox Game Pass for PC for a period of 3 months, normally available at the price of € 9.99 per month. This gives you access to more than a hundred video games.

Microsoft also specifies that the offer is reserved only for new subscribers to the service and that they will not need to enter their bank details to take advantage of it. The subscription is therefore without obligation and without automatic renewal.

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