According to an artificial intelligence, 80% of the planet will suffer the effects of climate change

Unfortunately, this is not a scoop: global warming will have real and serious consequences on nature and on man. An artificial intelligence has analyzed thousands of studies on the phenomenon, and its results show that almost no one will be spared.

We can already feel it in everyday life: climatic disturbances caused by human activity are already affecting us in one way or another. And the worst is to be feared. An investigation by the Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change analyzed 102,160 studies on topics related to global warming.

More than 10,000 studies through the sieve of artificial intelligence

In view of the volume of data to be processed and their subjects (from the migration of butterflies to the evolution of forests), an artificial intelligence took charge of the work. The principle was to geographically record, depending on the location of the studies, the various phenomena that appeared which were not the consequence of natural developments. Armed with a world map cut into a grid, the researchers were able to determine results that should shake the whole world.

80% of the planet’s surface will be affected by climate change, while 85% of the world’s population will be affected. The phenomenon is accelerating in parallel with the volume of scientific literature on the subject. The research institute notes that 75,000 to 85,000 studies have been published in the last five years, against only 1,500 between 1951 and 1990.

And it could be even worse, since these studies are mostly conducted in rich countries. The situation in Africa or Asia, where the consequences of global warming are most felt, is still poorly documented. As COP26 is being held in Glascow (Scotland), participants may have in mind this terrible threat encrypted by artificial intelligence.

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