Activision Blizzard urged by 6 treasurers to take action on accusations

In the turmoil following accusations of inappropriate behavior and harassment within his company, Activision Blizzard has just come under new pressure. Six US state treasurers are now urging him to take significant steps to redress the bar.

In the still near past, it was obviously not easy to work within Activision Blizzard. The two-headed American giant is currently facing charges where employees of the company have suffered inappropriate behavior, harassment or discrimination. Another issue put on the table, unequal wages.

Activision Blizzard partners are calling for clarification of the matter, like Sony and Microsoft. And we have just learned that on November 23, six US state treasurers signed a letter calling for a meeting of the board of directors of Activision Blizzard. Addressing this advice, these treasurers ask “Discuss your response to the investment challenges and risks facing Activision”.

Activision Blizzard: Treasurers Who Could Support SOC Call

These treasurers, representing California, Massachusetts, Illinois, Oregon, Delaware and Nevada, stressed that they would “to weigh” a “Call to vote against the re-election of current directors”. And this if the current president, Bobby Kotick, does not tender his resignation. Earlier this month, the SOC activist shareholder group called on the leader to make this decision.

Illinois State Treasurer Michael Frerichs believes it is futile to believe that how Activision Blizzard does not need to be reviewed in depth here: “We believe that radical changes must be made to the company”. Further, he casts doubts on the capacity of the forces in place at Activision Blizzard to apply such modifications:

“We are concerned that the current CEO and board members lack the skills and conviction to implement the sweeping changes required to transform their culture and restore the trust of employees, shareholders and their partners. ”.

A Wall Street Journal investigation revealed in the last number that Bobby Kotick would have covered up alleged facts of sexual misconduct, in addition to having mistreated employees himself.

Source: Axios

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