Activision takes further action against cheaters on Call of Duty

Cheating in online video games is a real scourge. A problem against which the various banning measures are clearly struggling to overcome. This, for the simple and good reason that excluded players often find a way to come back by creating other accounts. Realizing this, Activision has decided to offer honest users the opportunity to cheat in turn in Call Of Duty.

A feature that should be usable thanks to the “anti-damage shield” option associated with Call of Duty Warzone’s new Ricochet anti-cheat software. You could see this as a way of fighting fire with fire.

Respond to cheating with cheating

The idea may seem surprising. However, in reality, we are forced to think that this could work better than other anti-cheating measures. The goal of online gambling fraudsters is to gain a clear advantage over their competitors through devious means.

They will necessarily have less recourse to it if cheating no longer represents an asset towards victory. The announcement regarding the feature was made by Activision in a blog post published on its site. The studio responsible for Call Of Duty has indicated that the feature only activates if the server detects a cheater during a game.

It allows honest players not to die because of the cheater’s bullets. The projectiles simply bounce off their body without inflicting any damage. This allows honest players to quietly punish fraudsters by eliminating them from the game.

Activision also added that there is no chance the game will apply the damage shield for no reason. Thus in the article one can read this: “We will never intervene in shootings between members of the law-abiding community”. A way to reassure players about the effectiveness of its new measure.

More measures to come to permanently discourage cheaters

On the other hand, Activision has warned cheaters that it will now increase the penalties against them. Thus, fraudsters who get caught on a single game of Call Of Duty will be banned from all games in the franchise.

In addition to this, the studio has also indicated that cheating in the game could lead to permanent suspensions. The same penalty is provided for players who will be guilty of attempts to conceal, disguise or disguise their identity and that of their hardware devices.

Call Of Duty isn’t the only game where cheating issues are taken very seriously. Epic Games recently refused to update their Fortnite game so that it could run on the Steam Deck. The company cited the risk of cheating to justify its decision.

For their part, League Of Legends and Apex Legends have recently indicated that they are working to circumcise the interactions of fraudsters with honest players. The idea is to make cheaters only play with each other.

Source: The Verge

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