Adibou, the cult video game of the 90s is back on smartphone

After rocking the children of the 90s, the educational video game Adibou will soon make a comeback on PC and mobile.

1, 2, 3, p’tits chats… This week, the Ubisoft studios announced the return of a real Proust madeleine for all the children of the 90s: Adibou. Educational video game for children aged 4 to 7, the little alien had marked a whole generation, rocked by the brick-breaker game and Kicook’s dubious recipes.

Disappeared since the 2010s, the cult saga will nevertheless return to our screens, announced Ubisoft on Twitter this week. A particularly awaited return for fans nostalgic for the license, which should make a nice tribute to the original games : to ensure this unexpected revival, the French giant has decided to call on the Wiloki company, headed by Roland Oskian’s children, one of the creators of the saga.

In a short teaser tinged with nostalgia, Ubisoft gave fans a dive into the 2000s. Adibou 2.0 benefits from a total graphic overhaul, the spirit of the original saga already promises to be respected. The most attentive will thus have recognized several of the rooms of the character’s house, which seem not to have aged a bit since time. The studio, on the other hand, was more stingy with details on the characters: Adibou’s shadow is well shown on the screen, but no trace for the moment of Bouzigouloum, Plop and Robitoc.

Adibou offers itself a smartphone

Big difference however, if Adibou will make a comeback on PC, Ubisoft is betting this time on a mobile app (and therefore a web-app) intended for 4-7 year olds. A way for the characters in the license to live with the times, while no doubt offering new educational games, more suited to their time.

Initiated with the series Adi (for 10-14 year olds) in 1991, Adibou appeared in 1992 on Mac and PC, then from 2001 on PlayStation and Nintendo DS consoles. A third hero baptized Adiboud’chou, and intended for children from 18 months also saw the light of day in 2000, following the success of its two older brothers.

Carried by the nostalgia of a fanbase now adult, the return of Adibou already promises to know a great success with the new generation, and could also give rise to several suites dedicated to science, mathematics or music … As in the good times.

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