Adobe introduces an amazing tool that brings your photos to life

Adobe introduces an amazing tool that brings your photos to life

The Photoshop editor took advantage of Adobe MAX 2021 to present Project In-Between, a tool capable of animating still images using AI.

This week was marked by the 2021 edition of Adobe MAX, the traditional event of the famous Photoshop editor during which the company presents all its new products. This year, we were notably entitled to a web version of Photoshop, and a whole bunch of new functions for the desktop and iPad variants of Adobe’s flagship apps.

It was also an opportunity for the firm to unveil experimental functions on which it is working. Adobe notably demonstrated the Project In-Between, an AI-powered tool capable of bringing your photos to life. And it is rather impressive.

Project In-Between is based on an algorithm that artificially creates images between your photos. It will therefore be necessary to drag two or more photos into it, and make sure that the images are not too different from each other so that the tool can correctly make transitions.

For example, if you take a photo of one person sitting and then another standing, chances are the tool will create some weird results. On the other hand, if you capture a head movement, for example, it should be much more convincing. Even camera movements are simulated. The result can then be exported as a GIF and easily shared on social media.

The function does not seem so original, but the examples shown by Adobe are impressive enough realism to convince us. Of course, this is still only a testing tool, and Adobe has no plans to include it in their Creative Cloud software yet. Maybe someday !

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