Adobe Premiere Pro adds Remix function to synchronize audio and video

Adobe presents new updates for Premiere Pro. They improve performance and add Remix functionality.

It’s time for updates at Adobe and Premiere Pro takes the opportunity to welcome significant developments. Version 22.2 of Adobe Premiere Pro introduces the Remix functionality which allows to “intelligently” resynchronize the musical extracts in order to make them coincide with the video content. Until now available in public beta, this synchronization tool is based on Adobe Sensei’s AI.

The purpose of this feature is to simplify the work of users. The firm specializing in video editing software is full of praise for its solution. It indicates that it allows “save hours of cutting, rippling, adding fades, previewing and restarting, trying to cut a piece of music to fit the length of a scene”.

In addition to bringing this new feature, Adobe is improving its Speech to Text feature. Transcriptions from audio to text (Speech to Text) “are now 3 times faster” on systems with Intel Core i9 and Apple Silicon. On other “current” processors, it would now be twice as fast.

Another change is that exporting becomes 10 times faster for 10-bit 4:2:0 HEVC formats on Windows systems with Intel processors (CPUs) or graphics processors (GPUs) and Nvidia GPUs. This new accelerated encoding should help video editors work more easily with 10-bit and HDR formats. Finally, Premiere Pro’s Linear Wipe and Block Dissolve effects now perform better thanks to GPU processing.

In addition to these new features, Premiere Pro now supports the Canon EOS R5 C camera.

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