Aeon: researchers develop a pencil with an indestructible lead

The absolute dream of any good cruciverbist: researchers working on behalf of the startup Stilform have developed a pencil whose lead is practically indestructible. All the genius of this invention lies here in the lead of the pencil Aeonmade of an alloy of tin and bismuth which has the particularity of oxidizing paper (or cardboard, wood, etc.) leaving a gray trace on it… which remains erasable!

It looks like the classic drag (equivalent 2H) of an ordinary pencil, except that here the oxidation process makes the lead almost indestructible. Even better, this lead with magnetic attachment can also be replaced by a graphite tip (always mounted on a magnetic attachment) in order to benefit from all possible line thicknesses.

Aeon Stilform

To complete it all, Aeon displays a futuristic look to die for, the body of the pencil being composed of a single block of metal. 4 models are thus available, in polished titanium, aluminium, magnesium or copper. The Aeon is also waterproof, does not leave marks on clothes, and its ecological aspect (less wood to produce) is a big plus in these times of global warming. The Kickstarter campaign for the Aeon is a huge success: Stilform has already raised nearly half a million dollars 20 days away from a fundraising goal of just $9,000. The twenty-first century in his pencil… it’s the Aeon!

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