African Climate Week leads to encouraging resolutions

This summer’s heat waves in Europe have been particularly strong. The numerous climatic disturbances observed almost everywhere in the world challenge the leaders of the whole world facing their responsibilities with regard to the Environmental Protection. Moreover, the great event of the moment relates to “African Climate Week”. This regional summit has just ended on September 2, 2022 at Libreville, Gabon. It was organized in ahead of COP27the annual international climate conference organized by The Organization of United Nations.

Industrial power plant producing polluting fumes

This event was characterized by the active participation of many influential peoplewhether it be in face-to-face or virtual. From 2300 attendees include political figures, organizations non-governmentalactors of the civil society and many others. Strategies to limit greenhouse gas emissions were developed on this occasion.

This meeting mainly focused on the fight against global warming globally to ensure a more resilient future for humanity.

Numerous action plans for the fight against the greenhouse effect

Summit participants understood that the drastic reduction in carbon emissions in the african countries can play a decisive role in preserving the global climate. They were unanimous on the fact that the climate finance stay here key to success various action plans adopted by African countries.

According to African development bank, at least a thousand six hundred billion dollars will have to be disbursed between 2020 and 2030 just for the launch of this project. Lee White, Gabon’s Minister of Water, Forests, Sea and Environment, said African countries should stick together and work closely together.

Africa aligns with COP27 1.5 degree target

the Egyptian Foreign Ministeralso designated president of cop27, Sameh Shoukryaffirmed that this African climate summit was an opportunity accelerate climate action On all fronts. Thanks to this meeting, the 1.5 degree lens of the cop27 is now at your fingertips involving all the countries of the world.

The realization of these measures ambitious mitigation plans requires the close collaboration of all African leaders. On this occasion, the United Nations Assistant Secretary, Ovais Sarmadreiterated the need for everyone to respect their commitments with respect to the paris agreement. He urges African countries to accede to this international treaty on global warming.


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