After a series of failures, Astra succeeds in its first commercial mission

After a sad series of failures, the startup american astra has finally succeeded in its second launch after the successful trial last November. The Astra-1 mission of this Tuesday, March 15 this time consisted of placing several small satellites of spaceflightand everything went smoothly, from the takeoff of the LV0009 rocket to the release and then the deployment of the satellites in low orbit.

Astra confirmed on its Twitter account the success of this mission: We can confirm the successful deployment of Spaceflight’s Astra-1 mission satellites today. We are grateful to our partner spaceflight and incredibly proud of the success of this mission. » It should be noted that despite the successful flight in November, the March 15 launch is indeed the very first commercial mission carried out by Astra. Suffice to say that the step taken is important after the big failure at the start of the year, when Astra had failed to place several satellites in orbit. CubeSat of the NASA.

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