After Amazon’s failure, a new Lord of the Rings video game is on the way

Private Division and Wētā Workshop announce their collaboration on a brand new Lord of the Rings game.

Franchise fans The Lord of the Rings know that things have been moving for the license for a few years. After the announcement of a television series soon to be available on Amazon Prime Video, video games have also started to exploit the cinematographic license. Also at Amazon, a video game was planned until the project was abruptly canceled. However, the Lord of the Rings has not said its last word since it returns as part of a brand new game.

Still little information

It’s Private Division, which belongs to Take-Two, and the studio Wētā Workshop who announce the good news to us… in a succinct message that is rather sparse in detail. The two companies soberly declare that they are working on a title that will take place in the heart of Middle-earth. For the moment no other details have been shared, neither on the story nor on the genre of the game. The press release nevertheless specifies:

This title is in early development and does not yet have an announced release date. It is expected to launch in Take-Two’s 2024 fiscal year. Private Division and Wētā Workshop look forward to sharing more details about this game in the future.”

It has the merit of being clear, we won’t learn more about this mysterious game anytime soon, and it shouldn’t show its first images in the coming weeks either. Furthermore, we are clearly not immune to a postponement in terms of the date given the early stage of development and the health situation across the globe that is still affecting development studios.

Gollum is coming soon… we hope so

This is not without also reminding us that fans of the franchise will be able to enjoy another video game while waiting for the release of this one. The adventure title The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, originally scheduled for September 1, 2022, is now expected at an unknown date. The development teams preferred to delay the release of the game in order to refine it and meet the expectations of the players.

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