After Europe, India could force Apple to switch to USB-C

After Europe, it’s India’s turn to study the question of a universal connection port with USB-C.

A few weeks ago, the European Commission ended a standoff that had lasted for years with the apple brand. By forcing the use of a single connection on all electronic devices, the old continent had just brought down one of the singularities of the iPhone, its proprietary Lightning port.

From 2024 therefore, the iPhone must have a USB-C port, like all other smartphones on the market, otherwise it cannot be marketed on the continent. Presumably, the Apple brand which does not want to deprive itself of such a clientele will apply the European Union’s requests on its iPhone 15, a few months before the latter has any charging port and only works with MagSafe.

Europe’s decision inspired other nations

But while Europe’s historic decision seems to have changed Apple, other countries are following the European Commission’s directive and trying to impose USB-C as a universal standard. This is particularly the case of India, one of Apple’s most important markets. This week it was Indian Consumer Affairs Secretary Rohit Kumar Singh who held an internal meeting to discuss the issue of the universal connector port.

According to the local newspaper Deccan Herald, the Indian government has decided to reduce the number of authorized ports in the country to two. If the first was to be USB-C, the name of the second is still unknown. Because in India, things are more complicated than in Europe. As Rohit Kumar Singh explained in a press conference:

“It’s a complex question. India is in a position in the manufacture of chargers,” Rohit Kumar Singh told the publication. “We need to understand everyone’s point of view — the industry, the users, the manufacturers and the environment — before making a final decision. »

India, Brazil and the United States are considering

Experts have in any case been mandated by the government to find the least restrictive solution for the country. The reports of these working groups are expected in about 2 months. The question is in any case debate in the country, but also in the four corners of the world.

The historic decision of the European Commission has triggered an impressive domino effect so that several countries have studied the question of a universal charging port for mobile phones. This is notably the case of the United States or Brazil.

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