After Harry Potter, Tom Felton ready to play in James Bond?

Harry Potter, future projects and nostalgia, we met Tom Felton for the opening of Professor Sprout’s greenhouses in London.

In 2021, Harry Potter at the Sorcerer’s Stone celebrated its twentieth year of existence. Under the direction of Chris Columbus, the character played by Daniel Radcliffe manages to become a monument of pop culture of the 2000s. Eight films and three spin-offs later, fans hope to find the universe imagined by JK Rowling on their screens .

If Warner Bros maintains the mystery as to the development of a sequel, the actors share in turn their attachment to the saga which has made them known for many. While he came to present the greenhouses of Professor Sprout at the Warner Bros Studios in London, Tom Felton returned to his ten years spent playing the insufferable Draco Malfoy. As one might suspect, the development of the films was quite an adventure for the small troupe of children.

“I remember being a pretty rambunctious kid on set. I remember being told many times to stand on my mark, to stop laughing. We had a lot of fun. For the second opus, I remember meeting Jason Isaacs for the first time, he who plays my father in the movies. Jason is adorable, Lucius much less. “

Ready to come back for a sequel?

We couldn’t resist the urge to ask him if he would be ready to come back for a new installment in the Harry Potter saga. Like most of his former playmates, the actor would not really be against this idea.

“I’ll think about it, that’s for sure. I miss this character a lot. Strangely, it’s a big part of me. It’s really fun to be able to play someone who is absolutely not you. I’m not Draco and he’s not me, but it’s great fun. It lives on through the room and in many other ways but who knows, maybe one day.”

Tom Felton is not the only one to have cast doubt, Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe have also repeatedly raised the issue. Unsurprisingly, neither of the two main actors excludes the possibility of returning one day to slip into the skin of their characters.

The meeting brought back memories

The year 2022 has started with a bang on Salto. On January 1, the platform broadcast the meeting produced by HBO in partnership with Warner Bros. In the heart of the Leavesden studios, the main actors met to evoke their memories of these ten years spent on the film sets.

A particularly moving reunion of which Tom Felton keeps an excellent memory. “It was very nostalgic. I think we’ve all had tears in our eyes at some point as we rediscovered the sets of Gringotts, the Great Hall or any of those places we have here. It was not only the opportunity to see the whole cast again, but also the hundreds of people who worked behind the scenes on the films. They are also part of the family. It was a treat.”

A new universe to explore?

Since its first steps in the saga Harry Potter, Tom Felton explored other horizons. He notably made a small passage on the side of DC, where he played Julian Albert in the series The Flash on CW. If he has been a little more discreet recently, he has not put his acting career aside.

He is set to star in Canyon Del Muerto, a historical drama that follows the first archaeologist in history. He will give the reply to Val Kilmer and Abigail Breslin. This is Coerte Voorhees (The First Line) who will be behind the realization.

He also told us that he would imagine joining an English license just as popular as Harry Potter. “The auditions for James Bond are open right? There is a place to take. Maybe I could play a villain (laughs). No, I don’t have a specific desire, I’m really happy to be part of this universe (Harry Potter’s note). The community seems to be still growing and I’m very happy about that.”

To discover this interview in pictures, and especially the new decor of the Warner Bros studios in London, do not hesitate to consult our video above. You can also read our file which traces the production and development of the saga imagined by JK Rowling.

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