after Jinx, it’s Vi’s turn to get a skin

Epic Games is offering Fortnite players the opportunity to acquire Vi, Jinx’s sister in Arcane, for the enjoyment of fans.

Remember, last November, Netflix broadcast the first season of the animated series Arcane, derived from the famous game League of Legends. To promote the production, Riot Games had then collaborated with Epic Games to make several of its games (Valorant, LoL and its derivatives) available via the Epic Games Store, but also bring a Jinx skin to Fortnite.

This was a huge success, as were the accessories that were associated with the champion. This January 23 marked the arrival of her sister, the terrible Vi, in the battle royale too as a playable character. Find out below how to get it, and with what accessories it was delivered.

Meaningful cosmetic elements

As usual, Vi’s skin and accessories are available via the in-game store of Fortnite, separately or in Arcane’s Vi pack. In this one, you will therefore find the Souvenir de Zaun back accessory, which is none other than Vi’s lost plush, the Piltovian Constable’s Hammer pickaxe, the “Punch training” emote and finally the screen “Sleuths of Piltover” Loading Sheet.

On the loading screen, we can see that the two characters return to their assigned appearance in League of Legends, and not in Arcane where they have been slightly reworked, especially for Vi. Small disappointment, we do not find in this pack, or even on the skin in simple ornament, the famous combat gloves of Vi boosted with Hextech. For next time maybe?

Jinx’s return to Fortnite !

Of course, when Vi is around Jinx is never far away. Epic Games is therefore proceeding with the revival of the shooter skin and its accessories, which have all been available in the store since January 23 as well. As a reminder, the accessories are Jinx’s Automaton Monkey, the Bang-Bang Crusher pickaxe, and the “Playground” lounge music (instrumental), in addition to the “Jinx was here” spray, as well as the loading screens “ Wreak havoc” and “Pan”.

After all these collaborations, we hope that the other characters ofArcane will be entitled to their own skin in Fortnite. We particularly think of Caitlyn, but also of Ekko or even Jayce. We do not lose hope, especially with the arrival of season 2 on Netflix by the year 2023. Still many months to wait, a must for such quality animation. In the meantime, we invite you to discover what we would love to see in season 2 of Arcane.

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