Tiktok Kitchens

After lipsyncs, TikTok launches into meal delivery

The Chinese platform has just launched TikTok Kitchens, a unique catering service responsible for preparing and delivering its most popular recipes.

If you’ve gotten into the habit of spending your evenings salivating over TikTok’s most popular recipes, this news is for you. With its billion users around the world, the Chinese platform has partnered with the company Virtual Dining Concept to launch its own catering service, reports the site Bloomberg. Concretely, the service will offer to taste some of the most popular recipes of the social network, from pasta chips, to the now famous Baked Feta Pasta, which were at the top of 2021 Google searches.

With a menu as changing as the TikTok trends, this virtual restaurant will also offer corn ribs, as well as a smash burger, whose hashtag has more than 205 million views since its creation. In an official statement, the platform specifies that the recipes will be renewed every three months, and that the creators of the original recipes will receive part of the profits generated. These will also be highlighted on the social network “Throughout the operation”, company spokesperson Elena Saavedra told The verge.

Use existing restaurants

For this campaign, which is already making the mouth water, TikTok and Virtual Dining Concept will call on existing restaurants, and in particular chains already belonging to the catering giant, such as Buca di Beppo and Bertucci’s. The latter will thus benefit from an already established know-how, while operating on the principle of a white label, which will be branded in the image of the platform.

Unsurprisingly, the service is currently only available in the United States, with 300 points of sale eligible for the moment. But the Chinese company seems optimistic, and already plans 1000 delivery points by the end of 2022. An arrival in Europe is therefore not completely excluded. Note, however, that if the operation already promises to be a success, TikTok does not (yet) have the vocation of opening its own restaurants: “Let’s be clear, this is a campaign to bring TikTok recipes to fans, not a business going into the restaurant business”, tempered Elena Saavedra.

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