After music and fashion, Kanye West wants to make cars

Kayne West is known for his music, his shoes with his brand Yeezy, and maybe in a few years with his cars.

In the mid-2000s, Kanye West became known for his music, he who was one of the most popular artists of his generation. But since the activities and news of “Ye” have evolved. Creator of his own brand with “Yeezy”, the singer has also stood out on social networks in recent years for his positions, to say the least questionable.

As he now works with brands like Adidas, the singer’s aspirations seem greater. Very influential in the neo-futurist world, the rapper has just presented a concept car prototype in collaboration with the West Donda brand that he himself created in 2012 without really giving any guidelines to the project.

A 10-year-old project for Kanye

Presented at the time by West, the brand had to “assemble a team of architects, graphic designers, directors, musicians, producers, AnRs, writers, publicists, social media experts, app guys, managers, designers automobiles, clothing designers, DJs, video game designers.”

Ten years later, all these little people seem to have worked well in harmony and present a concept because of a “foam car”. If your eye is already accustomed to concepts of all kinds from Kanye West and his various firms, the shapes of this car will not surprise you too much, for others, hang on.

The least we can say by dwelling on this car is that it looks like no other, which is necessarily a good point in a stereotypical automotive world where all exotic ideas are copied and become a banality making them at the same time much less interesting.

The same designer for a pair of shoes and a car

According to the various social media posts mentioning this car, many credit its design to Steve Smith. The designer who worked with Kanye West for a long time in the creation of Yeezy is indeed a recognized name in the world of fashion, especially with sneakers.

Passionate about cars, the latter could have accepted the crazy bet of moving from the world of shoes to that of the car, but the bet could well be a winner. At the moment we don’t know much about this concept, because of “Donda”. No date, price, or specification have yet been given and knowing the very unstable character of Kanye West, this may be the last time we hear of this project.

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