After Pokémon Go, Niantic unveils a new Nintendo game in augmented reality

Never change a winning team. Building on the success of their collaboration on the Pokémon Go phenomenon, Nintendo and Niantic are teaming up again, and present a new mobile game based on another cult license from the Japanese studio.

Mobile games are on the rise, and more than five years after the worldwide success of Pokémon Go, Niantic hopes to rekindle fan enthusiasm. The studio specializing in augmented reality has once again partnered with the giant Nintendo, and is attacking another license well known to players, by formalizing Pikmin Bloom.

Based on augmented reality, and operating on a principle similar to Pokémon Go, Pikmin Bloom takes place in the world of Pikmin, these half-animal, half-plant creatures created almost 20 years ago by the brilliant Shigeru Miyamoto. After receiving their HD remake last year, Nintendo’s Creatures are attempting a rare foray outside their usual paths. Proof of a partnership “Strong and continuous with Nintendo”, recently welcomed John Hanke, founding president of Niantic.

Replicate the Pokémon Go achievement

It must be said that since 2016, Pokémon Go is a real cash machine. Freemium gaming has generated more than $ 5 billion in revenue (according to figures from research firm SensorTower), mainly due to in-app purchases that earn bonuses, but also to participate in certain community events. Several years later, the game continues to be particularly profitable, and has established itself as a benchmark in its field. No wonder Nintendo and Niantic want to repeat the success.

In Pikmin Bloom, players will have to walk to cultivate their Pikmin. As in Pokémon Go, it will be possible to use augmented reality to search for new seeds or interact with the different Pikmin of the game.

Launched in Australia and Singapore on the Android and iOS stores, Pikmin Bloom should quickly enter the international market. No official release date has yet been announced in France.

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