after Prime Video, the service also increases its prices

Molotov TV is also a victim of inflation and announces a new price increase for its premium formula Molotov Plus. As of August 3, 2022, the price of this subscription will drop from €3.99/month to €5.99.

Molotov TV price increase
Credits: Molotov TV

Inflation is felt in many markets, whether in food, energy, but also in streaming services. Indeed, Amazon has just announced, to the surprise of subscribers, an increase in the annual price of Amazon Prime by €20. Now you have to pay €69.99 and no longer €49.99 to take advantage of the various advantages offered by the premium formula of the American giant.

And precisely, we have just learned that Prime Video will not be the only streaming service to review its prices upwards. This is also the case of Molotov TV which has decided to increase the prices of its “Molotov Plus” premium formula.

We hope you enjoy watching TV with Molotov. We are changing our rates to guarantee you access to your favorite channels and the best experience. Thus, from August 3, the Molotov Plus offer will increase to € 5.99”, announced Molotov on Twitter.

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Molotov TV price increase
Credits: Molotov TV

Molotov TV also goes through the “Price increase” box

The platform specifies that there is still time to take advantage of the old rate by subscribing before the date mentioned above. “You will then not be impacted by the price increase and your subscription will remain at €3.99 per month”, assures the company. Note that this price increase will not be accompanied by any modification of the Molotov Plus offer. In other words, users will still be able to access:

  • access to 80 channels with DTT included, including TF1, M6 or even W9 and RTL9
  • Available on 4 screens in Full HD
  • Access to recordings and replay

specify that the subscription remains non-binding. In fact, and if you refuse these new prices, you can return to the free version. As a reminder, Molotov TV finally arrived on PlayStation consoles in early July 2022.

If the app is indeed available on PS4, note that PS5 owners will have to wait a bit since the deployment of the app on Sony’s latest machine is expected in the course of 2022. Molotov TV was already Available on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One consoles since February 2021.

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