Winona Ryder après Stranger Things

After Stranger Things, Winona Ryder lost someone again

After searching for Will for an entire season, Winona Ryder sets out to find a missing boyfriend in Gone with the Night.

While we are still waiting for the last episodes of Stranger ThingsWinona Ryder talked about her with another project. The actress, darling of Tim Burton in the 80s and now a mother badass in the series of brothers Duffer returns with a rather promising sci-fi thriller.

The story follows a couple who decide to treat themselves to a short weekend in the countryside. While they had rented a small cabin lost in the heart of nature, the two lovers have the unpleasant surprise of finding another couple on the scene. A strange cohabitation follows, for one night. In the early morning, Kath’s boyfriend disappeared, as did the young woman played by Brianne Tju (remember the summer last).

Both characters havethey fled together? Something of supernatural hastook place? This is what Kath will try to discover, with the help of the owner of the hut played by Dermot Mulroney (New Girl).

The trailer seems to favor the second track, while maintaining the mystery. After the series HomecomingEli Horowitz takes his first steps on the big screen with Gone With The Night. The director is also on the screenplay, alongside Matthew Derby.

No release date yet in France

The output of Gone in tea Night was fixed at July 15 in the United States. In France, the film has not yet found its distributor, we should not discover it immediately on our screens. We will nevertheless follow this project carefully, the first reviews being rather laudatory.

Otherwise, we will always find Winona Ryder on Netflix from next July 1. The platform will broadcast the last two episodes of season 4 of Stranger Things. Two final rather dense parts, the final episode easily exceeding the two and a half hour mark. The adventure is therefore far from over for our characters.

Especially since Winona Ryder will be back in season 5 of the brothers series Duffer. This will be his last lap, as the series will soon come to an end. We will have to resolve to say goodbye to Joyce, Will and the others.

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