After the excellent ForeVR Bowl, the ForeVR Darts dart game is announced on Meta Quest (trailer)

I no longer count the hours I spent (and still spend) on ForeVR Bowl, a great game of bowling in VR which also allows several players to play in themed rooms (vintage bar, disco room, submarine, on the Moon etc.). Building on this success, the ForeVR studio does it again with a new sports simulation, ForeVR Darts, which is none other than a game of darts! ForeVR Darts will offer 50 different dart packs, games in Pro mode (like on ForeVR Bowl), hand recognition to dispense with joysticks, taking into account the rules of 501, 301, 201 and 101, and of course several thematic rooms (three rooms for the moment). It promises to be great once again, and inevitably, it will be even better with a bunch of friends-avatars.

ForeVR Darts will be available in the Oculus Store on December 16 at a price of 9.99 euros.

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