After the Flyboard, Franky Zapata returns with a flying car

Three years after successfully crossing the English Channel with his Flyboard, Franky Zapata presents the “Jet Racer”. This flying vehicle, which can be piloted remotely, aims for 250 km/h.

We had left him on a feat, that of crossing the Channel at the controls of a Flyboard. Three years later, Francky Zapata presents his new creation on video: the “JetRacer”. The futuristic machine has little to do with the Flyboard and comes in the guise of a Flying vehicle, straight out of a science fiction movie. Fitted with a bucket seat and piloted with a joystick, the JetRacer operates using ten micro turbojet engines.

This vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft is intended extremely light (78 kg) and can carry up to 200 kg. The inventor evokes a speed up to 250 km/h, but the single-seater machine is currently limited to 120 km / s, reports Ouest-France. A presentation video has been published, showing the “JetRacer” flying over the Etang de Berre (Bouches-du-Rhône).

The sequence tries to show the potential of the JetRacer which stands out for its maneuverability in the air. We can notably see Franky Zapata performing loops and rolls. At AFP, he assures that the device is “easy to handle” and the device highlights its security features. It can lose 2 reactors without affecting the flight and offers piloting assistance.

The mobility of the future? Not so sure

Beneath its futuristic appearance, this flying “car” is not a model for ecology. She is fueled by kerosene, but the former jet-ski world champion does not target daily trips. He indicates that his JetRacer can be “remotely controlled and that it is intended for the emergency forces, the army or even for extreme leisure. Access to steep terrain, the ability to fly in strong and turbulent winds, to perform autonomous flights or even the transport of specific equipment and the absence of visible propellers are among the strong points.

The next step will take place in the United States with the organization of a flight test campaign. Those interested can also register on the official site in the hope of being drawn. A total of one hundred candidates will be drawn to take part in the selection tests and 25 participants will be selected. According to Franky Zapata, it takes less than 20 minutes to get started with the JetRacer.

Finally, the company behind this project indicates that two more JetRacers are being built. Finally, Zapata is preparing other devices including a monopoly flying machine. Hybrid, it must consume “less fuel than a rolling car”.

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