After Trump, Bolsonaro is also in the crosshairs of social networks

During a live, Bolsonaro shared an article linking the Covid vaccine to AIDS. He was sanctioned for disinformation.

On Twitter, Facebook or even Instagramis the hunt for disinformation. The health crisis and the American elections have catalyzed the attention of the various actors in the sector, who have adopted more or less effective means to stem the spread of Fake News. On Twitter or Facebook, institutional words are particularly highlighted when it comes to talking about the coronavirus, for example. But when even politicians start to relay these conspiracy theories and other false information, GAFAM find themselves very helpless. After Donald Trump, banned following the Capitol riots last January and who has just lodged a complaint against Twitter, it is the turn of the Brazilian President I have r Bolsonaro to attract the wrath of Google and Facebook.

No, the vaccine against COVID do not give the AIDS

On October 21, during his weekly live on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network, I have r Bolsonaro relayed an article which reported on a British study carried out by the government and who would have studied the relationship between doses of vaccine against Covid-19 and “Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome”. According to media claims, and therefore relayed by I have r Bolsonaro, people who have been vaccinated would develop the AIDS virus “much faster than expected” relays The world in an article from this October 26.

Quickly denied by the British government, this false information has cost the Brazilian President dear, who has been suspended for a week from his YouTube channel. In a press release, the Mountain View specified: “We removed a video from the channel of I have r Bolsonaro for violating our medical disinformation policies on the Covid-19, which claims that vaccines do not reduce the risk of contracting the disease and that they cause other infectious diseases. The video was also removed from Facebook and Instagram, for the same reasons.

In the social media viewfinder

It is far from the first time that Bolsonaro is subject to video deletion or temporary ban on social media. As reported byAFP, in partnership with The world, he had already been sanctioned last July after sharing several videos containing false information on the pandemic. He questioned in particular the effectiveness of the mask and praised thehydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, although these two drugs have not yet been recognized as effective. He had just received a first warning. Now, if his channel is still active, he is impossible to post for 7 consecutive days.

Remember that according to the YouTube community’s rules, if a user is pinned less than 90 days after their YouTube channel has been blocked, it will again be suspended for two weeks. At the third warning, the channel will be permanently deleted. Each warning remaining associated with the channel for 90 days, I have r Bolsonaro is going to have to hold on to it. He is followed by no less than 3.56 million people on the platform owned by Google.

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