After Wordle, Heardle tackles blind tests

After delighting word lovers, Heardle wants to tackle fans of blind tests.

After the phenomenon wordle, word lovers aren’t the only ones having their daily game. Cheerfully surfing on the success of the online puzzle, many more or less faithful copies have popped up all over the virtual stores. Internet users were then able to discover Nerdle, which used exactly the same principle with numbers and equations. Finally, it is the blind tests that their successor tackles: Heardle.

Like Wordle, or almost

On the main lines, Heardle borrow everything from Wordle. If the game has no official affiliation with the one created by Josh Wardle – any more than Nerdle for that matter, he proposes to make guess a mystery element from a maximum of six guesses. Only difference, this time, it’s a guessing song. At a rate of a few seconds per excerpt, the task quickly turns out to be more complex than expected, but already promises to delight blind-test fans.

No approximation on Heardle : whereas wordle and Nerdle were more like a logical enigma to decipher, here it’s double or quits. It will therefore be shine with your general musical culture rather than your linguistic skills. Do not panic for the youngest, the musical catalog from Heardle is content for the moment to draw on the best sales of the last ten years.

Quickly, Heardle offered the support of millions of internet users, determined to show off their musical talents on social networks. Inevitably, the game also got plenty of copycats. An additional challenge for Internet users, while wordle was bought by the New York Times with a view to integrating its paid entertainment formula.

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