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AI-driven partnership aims to create personalized healthcare services

The use of artificial intelligence in the field of health has made the more personalized medicine while simplifying the services of doctors. Recently, Health at Scale and Walmart have created from an AI, a doctor and treatment recommendation system corresponding to health needs. The recommendations made are intended for Walmart associates and their families.

Additionally, Health at Scale is a Health care which exploits artificial intelligence and automatic processing systems. Its objective is to provide individuals with the adequate medical services. Selecting the ideal treatment and monitoring early intervention procedures are all options offered by the Health at Scale.

Furthermore, this technology is integrated into the search browser Walmart health program manager. Thus, members will quickly find the health professionals they need.

An ideal collaboration for the personalization of healthcare

Through their partnership, the companies Health at Scale and Walmart have using artificial intelligence for personalize the medical experience patients. They focused on patient needs to determine the adequate health professionals. These are the ones who managed to treat patients who had the same symptoms.

“Choosing a healthcare professional is a very important healthcare decision for a patient. She is also the most delicate. We really want to improve the match between the patient and the healthcare professional. […]

We appreciate collaborating with Walmart, a company that pioneers innovation in the sector of health and social protection of employers. Through this partnership, Walmart employees and their loved ones will benefit from intelligent and highly personalized services in certain regions. This approach demonstrates that we deeply understand and respect their different health needs. »

Zeeshan Syed, CEO of Health at Scale

A rather advantageous cooperation for Walmart associates

The boss of the start-up Adapt pointed out that the latest technological advances have helped to make services and treatments adapted to everyone’s needs.

“We are excited about the launch of this collaboration with Health at Scale and we look forward to seeing the effects of this innovative agreement on the quality of healthcare services and the performance of associates. »

Lisa Woods, Vice President of Benefits at Walmart US.


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