Airbnb Offers To Rent The Woodsboro Home For One Night!

What better way to celebrate Halloween than sleeping in the house where the terrible events of Scream took place? This is Airbnb’s brand new proposition, at the minuscule price of $ 5 a night! And Ghostface risks upsetting the sleep of the hosts …

Released in theaters 25 years ago, Scream has left its mark on a large audience of thrill-seekers. A real phenomenon that only pop culture knows how to generate, and which will generate a fifth installment next year. For the occasion and because Halloween is approaching at high speed, Airbnb quite simply offers to spend a night in the house where the events of the first installment took place!

A telephone line connected to Ghostface

Located in the town of Woodsboro, Northern California, this home can be rented for $ 5 a night on October 27, 29, or 31. Guests will be virtually greeted by Sheriff Dewey, played, as in the original film, by David Arquette. They will be able to explore every corner of the house, and see the knife marks on the garage doors where Tatum, Dewey’s sister, had her unfortunate end …

While waiting for the stroke of midnight, the guests will be able to enjoy a marathon in VHS (obviously) of the first four films, with popcorn, pizzas and pots of ice cream to keep up … And prepare with dignity the fifth opus, planned for January 12 in theaters. That’s not all, the house phone line is connected to Ghostface, which we will contact if we wish, but be careful, he too can make phone calls!

Finally, the hosts will leave with goodies, such as a set of DVDs from the first films, outfits from Woodsboro High, posters from episode 2022, and more. Unfortunately, this offer is limited to US residents, but Airbnb is organizing an online experience for everyone with horror film specialist Kevin Williamson, as well as the screenwriter of the first film and the producer of the fifth installment.

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