Alfa Romeo will integrate an NFT in its next SUV

NFTs are so fashionable that all companies are getting into them, for more or less good reasons. Alfa Romeo does not want to miss the boat, the car manufacturer announcing that its vehicles will integrate NFTs to certify the monitoring of maintenance.

Alfa Romeo’s latest SUV, the Tonale, will be the first vehicle to come with a digital certificate in the form of an NFT. According to the car manufacturer, this will increase the residual value of the car, in other words its resale price. With the customer’s authorization, the NFT will record the vehicle data and generate a certificate.

An NFT, for what?

This certificate will be used to ensure that the car has benefited from the maintenance of the manufacturer owned by Stellantis. The NFT will be an additional tool which will be an additional source of credibility for the vehicle owner. The data must nevertheless be registered by a certified dealer of the brand, not directly by the owner to avoid abuse.

The idea is good, but Alfa Romeo gives very few details. Thus, it is not known on which blockchain this non-fungible digital token will be registered. It is also unclear what information the NFT will certify. Using this technology sounds more like trying to create buzz by putting forward a buzzword, since there have been maintenance history systems linked to the vehicle identification number for decades, which probably consume less fuel. energy to maintain than the blockchain.

Despite these gray areas, Alfa Romeo promises that NFT technology will extend to its entire range of vehicles. The automaker will need to quickly finalize its NFT, as pre-orders for the Tonale will begin in the fourth quarter of the year, with first deliveries in early 2023. The model will be offered in two versions: hybrid and petrol. Alfa Romeo will begin its 100% electric transition by 2027.

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