Un extraterrestre camouflé

Aliens exist and hide from humans

For a very long time, questions about the existence of other forms of life apart from those present on Earth have been very thorny and have given rise to many theories. However, until today, evidence concrete of the existence of these beings have not been disclosed. Recently, scientists have looked into the matter and finally emitted that there are indeed other forms of life, but that they distrust humans.

Indeed, many experts have argued that it would simply be unthinkable that in the vastness of the universe, Earth is the only life-bearing planet. On the contrary, other forms of intelligence would existbut would prefer to remain in the shadows due to the pettiness characterizing humans.

Dr. Gordon Gallup, a biopsychologist at the University of Albany was one of the actors in the study. The research results were published in the Journal of Astrobiology and titled ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence: A Cognitive Evolutionary Perspective.

Too primitive and savage human beings?

Indeed, according to scientists, there would be a good chance that other beings would refuse to reveal themselves, because the humans would be too dangerous and aggressive, to their liking. Moreover, these experts add that these other forms of life would believe that the men pose one too big risk. Thus, these aliens would prefer to remain hidden.

“If there is intelligent life elsewhere, they may view humans as extremely dangerous. Perhaps that is why there is no proof or convincing proof of extraterrestrial intelligence. »

Dr. Gordon Gallup, biopsychology at the University of Albany.

Furthermore, Gallup condemns humanity in view of the current situation of the planet and modern civilization, which has a history of genocide and destruction. He added that aliens would be surely more technologically advanced than humans and that they would even have discovered the Earth a long time ago.

However, increasing pollution, habitat devastation, constant wars, looting, killing, destruction have driven intelligent life away from Earth.

Other life forms in outer space?

In fact, experts from the University of British Columbia have said that there could be billions of Earth-like planets in the galaxy alone Milky Way. However, NASA’s online database revealed that the most of these exoplanets are gaseoussuch as Jupiter or Neptune.

However, according to Gallup, the history of biology on Earth clearly shows that intelligent and technologically complex life is the exception rather than the rule.

“The idea that we are alone in the universe seems completely implausible and arrogant to me. »

Richard Dawkins, British evolutionary biologist and author


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