Aliexpress crushes the price of the Roborock H7 stick vacuum cleaner, a bargain!

Aliexpress explodes the price of the Roborock H7 broom vacuum cleaner to less than 250 euros, an unprecedented price for this useful and effective product!

Aliexpress offers the Roborock H7 at a price of 245 euros instead of 499 euros, a price never seen for this product with free delivery from Europe and VAT included.

I take advantage of the offer

Roborock’s latest stick vacuum, the H7 features an optimized 480W power creating a maximum suction of 160 AW easily lifting dirt from floors and penetrating deeper into carpets, mattresses, sofas, nooks and interiors. car.

Roborock pioneered the industry in France by incorporating a LiPO battery into a cordless handheld vacuum cleaner, and today continues to apply this technology in the H7. The latter therefore retains exceptional autonomy, up to 90 minutes in eco mode. Additionally, the H7’s battery can be fully charged in just 2.5 hours, a significant reduction from the H6 (40%), allowing the user to get back to cleaning faster.

Its dust container, with a capacity of 500 ml, makes it possible to space out its emptying. As an added benefit, Roborock gives users the option of adding disposable dust bags, to limit dust clouds, ideal for allergy sufferers or anyone who wants to empty the bin without hassle. 2 free bags will be included in the box for consumers wishing to test this accessory.

Weighing only 1.46 kg, the H7 can easily be transported from room to room and even outside the house. It also has a new magnetic system called MagBase which allows you to store all the accessories in a compact way once the cleaning is finished. The user can also place it anywhere with peace of mind thanks to the integrated “child lock” function which prevents accidental use by children.

The H7 eliminates air pollution and allergens, thanks to its 5-layer air filtration system and HEPA filter. It captures up to 99.99% of particles such as pollen and dust mites. The user can also lock the suction at the touch of a button, reducing finger fatigue. Featuring an OLED display, it’s easy to check modes and battery life at a glance.

I take advantage of the offer

Test of the Roborock H7, an original broom vacuum cleaner with or without a bag

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