Le routeur WIFI 6 de Xiaomi, le AX3600 est en promotion.

Aliexpress explodes the price of the Xiaomi AX3600 wifi router 6!

If there is one thing that people who work on the internet hate, it is a slow internet connection. There are several ways to remedy this such as for example a powerline box, pull a very good Ethernet cable along the complaints or acquire the Xiaomi AX3600 to boost the WIFI connection of the internet box of your internet service provider (Orange, SFR, Bouygues, Free, etc.). Xiaomi’s WIFI 6 router will allow you to have a much more stable network even if you are at the other end of a room.

Used by more and more homes and businesses, routers have a bright future ahead of them like Xiaomi’s, the AX3600. This router offers users very good features whether for network security or for the stability of the Internet connection between devices. Internet boxes from Internet service providers are quite limited and do not always offer the latest generations of components.

Routers like the Xiaomi AX3600, for their part, upgrade the installation with in particular the arrival of WIFI 6 without compromising on network security. Xiaomi’s router is available from Aliexpress today only for 49 euros with the code FRMI30.

Take advantage of the Aliexpress offer

Wi-Fi 6 at a lower cost with the Xiaomi AX3600

Xiaomi routers have a very good reputation. They can considerably improve the uses we have on the internet by stabilizing the internet connection, securing it with better encryption and boosting it using antennas and signal amplifiers. All these features and technologies are present in the Xiaomi AX3600. The latter is equipped with a processor from Qualcomm, the IPQ8071A. This processor will boost the signal received by the router in order to offer an excellent connection, regardless of the room where you are located. Moreover, the AX3600 offers two bandwidths, a first of 2.4 GHZ allowing to have a better range even with thick walls as well as a second the 5 GHZ with a lower range and better stability. The Xiaomi AX3600 is able to restore speeds of up to 2936 Mbps.

With MESH technology

When using a router like the AX3600 in a company, it is important to be able to connect a lot of people to it, even a whole floor. It will be able to connect nearly 248 devices simultaneously. A number that is not to be taken into account for classic use, but to be considered if you are a business. If you are equipped with several WIFI 6 routers from Xiaomi, MESH technology will allow you to automatically switch between the routers in order to have the best connection even on the move.

In short, a WIFI 6 router to have at either an individual or a company. It is available from Aliexpress today for only 49 euros with the code FRMI30.

Take advantage of the Aliexpress offer

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