AliExpress is ridiculing Amazon, here are 10 CRAZY deals 🔥

Are you planning to do your Christmas shopping this long weekend? Good news: Black Friday and Single Day take place this Thursday. You might as well take advantage of the best offers to sometimes save up to 80% on the initial price. We explain to you.

Every year, the month of November is the scene of hostility between the world number 1 in e-commerce AliExpress and its counterpart Amazon. The first focuses on the Single Day which is held today (November 11) while the second focuses on Black Friday. This Thursday you can enjoy both at the same time and we’ve made a list of the deals you can’t miss.

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In the list above, you can see discounts for Black Friday and for this Single Day. There is always a time and stock constraint. You must therefore know how to be very fast so as not to miss the essential offers of the moment. As a reminder, the Single Day starts this Thursday morning at 9 am and it will be held over 24 hours maximum. From the first minutes, the stock leaves at full speed.

Why such a craze for Single Day? AliExpress works very differently from Black Friday for example. During the last two weeks, he has put forward all the offers that will take place from this morning. People have therefore put the products in the basket and they will validate them in the early hours of this Thursday. It is therefore a summary of wills to purchase over the last 2 weeks which are condensed into a single day.

Black Friday, an extraordinary operation

Black Friday on Amazon adopts a very different principle and methodology. The American merchant offers two types of discounts. First, there are flash sales that take place every day on very big brands. Sometimes they last the day but it is still very rare. The merchant transparently displays the remaining stock until exhaustion with an hourglass system.

For this Single Day and Black Friday, AliExpress is obviously the merchant to look at this Thursday. It is the only one who is so dynamic on this day. That said, players like Amazon, Fnac or Cdiscount also have some back-ups. However, the festival of good deals is to be found on the side of AliExpress. The quality of the offers is unprecedented, generous and impressive. It’s perfect for making Christmas presents.

In France, Single Day grows in popularity every year but it is still below Black Friday. However, in the world, Single Day is 10 times bigger than Black Friday. In the next decade, it wouldn’t be surprising to see retailer AliExpress taking a good slice of the pie. When we see the quality of the offers that have been put forward since Thursday 9:00 am, there is something to be pleasantly surprised about.

To satisfy everyone, Single Day is like Black Friday: it covers all themes with its offers. As always, tech has a special place on the net. A large part of the offers therefore concern smartphones, tablets and other high-tech accessories. That said, we also have thousands of great deals on home, beauty and fashion products. Go to all merchant sites to find out.

To see Black Friday at Amazon, it’s here:

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AliExpress is hungry

In our list above on this page, Black Friday and Single Day are mixed up. In brackets in the selection you can get the codes that are available on AliExpress and that further reduce the price. For each of the products on the world’s leading e-commerce platform, it is also necessary to see if there are not sellers’ coupons to lower the price (available under the red insert on each of the product sheets).

Amazon for Black Friday has chosen a much simpler and more standard method of attracting the public. Discounts are displayed transparently with the total discount percentage indicated on each product sheet. Everyone has their strategy, they are both winners and they are bearing fruit. That said, on products in the AliExpress catalog, the prices are much more competitive than on an Amazon.

It must be said that the AliExpress catalog is however very different from that of Amazon. For Black Friday, Amazon will bet on Apple, Microsoft or many other Western brands. AliExpress, because of its history, has very close relationships with Asian manufacturers. This is why he is able to make huge discounts on products that have just been released.

For this day of Single Day, AliExpress even manages to negotiate product releases at advantageous prices. For example, the premium manufacturer Roborock is going to put on sale its new Roborock Dyad (broom vacuum cleaner that mops and dust) at a reduced price from this Thursday 9:00 am. Likewise, Xiaomi announced its Poco M4 Pro two days ago but sales start today. AliExpress has the best price without a doubt.

Amazon is faultless on the support

In addition to Black Friday, Amazon ticks all the boxes in terms of user experience for the French public. You can buy “with one click” the different products that are on sale at the moment. The merchant then gives you the possibility to pay in 4 installments without charge. Already the price is advantageous, you have a solution not to go out too much every month. Finally, it offers a time to retract much longer than normal.

During Black Friday, sites like Amazon, Cdiscount or AliExpress have a legal obligation to provide a testing period to their customers. The latter can thus buy on the internet without any financial risk: they are protected if ever they are not fans of the product. By default, the minimum required by the state is 14 days.

Amazon is going much further for the end of the year. For all purchases made since the beginning of the month, customers can return them until the end of January. It’s a good way to support them with Christmas presents: if it doesn’t fit, then customers can send everything back. It’s a good way to take advantage of Single Day and Black Friday to make your gifts without any risk. Other cyber-merchants do not allow it. That said, for Single Day, AliExpress is so price-aggressive that you’d better take advantage of it.

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