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DJI has finally formalized its new premium and compact drone. The DJI Mini 3 Pro brings many new features and wants to take the Mini range to a new level. On the program: video in 4K at 60 fps, ActiveTrack, detection of obstacles in three directions, a 90° rotation of the nacelle for vertical images, increased autonomy and a weight still fixed at 249 grams. We tell you everything about this drone.

DJI has finally lifted the veil on its new drone, the DJI Mini 3 Pro. For several weeks, rumors and leaks have been linked about this drone which succeeds the Mini 2. As their name suggests, the Mini 2 and Mini 3 Pro share this desire to remain compact; without however evolving in the same category. The Chinese manufacturer takes a step forward by offering a “Pro” model as Ferdinand Wolf, Creative Director at DJI, explains:

“When we launched the Mini range of drones in 2019, our goal was to give everyone the easiest way to see the world from the air for the first time in a ‘mini’ format. Today, we offer the integration of excellent flight capability, remarkable intelligence and versatile imaging into our ultra-lightweight aerial camera. The DJI Mini 3 Pro raises the bar even higher in this line of ultra-light drones »

A heavyweight in the realm of lightweights

For its Mini 3 Pro, DJI does not change the recipe and offers a drone weighing less than 249g. This weight is not insignificant since it allows it to escape registration with the authorities (especially in France). The drone retains the same compactness as its predecessors with a foldable format that makes it easily transportable.

DJI Mini 3 Pro

However, DJI has decided to integrate advanced features which were previously only available on the Air and Mavic ranges. Arms and propellers are tweaked for more aerodynamic flight extending flight time. This approach results in a new design featuring dual front and rear optical sensors on the front of the drone. This expands the detection range while the gimbal has been “completely reworked” to provide more camera angles. DJI confirms that it wants to offer new creative possibilities, thanks in particular to tilting and vertical movements for shots.

DJI revises its design of the “Mini” drone

Another major advance, the DJI Mini 3 Pro is equipped with the three-way obstacle detection. This is a first in the Mini range and the manufacturer has added optical sensors front, rear and under the device. In detail, the specialist tells us that “the sensors placed at the front and under the device have a wider field of vision” and that they help the APAS 4.0 system (Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems) which automatically detects and finds a safer path around obstacles during flight.

DJI Mini 3 Pro

Additionally, DJI announces that these sensors enable the entire FocusTrack suite. This should allow users to select a subject for the drone to automatically keep in the center of the frame during flight while planning a safe flight path. The DJI Mini 3 Pro becomes the first Mini-series drone to be equipped with APAS and FocusTrack.

A new, more “Pro” camera

This professional orientation is also confirmed at the level of the imaging system. The leaks were not wrong and the Mini 3 Pro has a solution “completely reworked”including a 1/1.3 inch CMOS image sensor with a double native ISO. The technology used to be present on cinema or mirrorless cameras.

DJI Mini 3 Pro

This new objective presents a bright f/1.7 aperture and allows you to take photos up to 48 megapixels. It is also possible to film up to 4K at 60 fps and to do turn this camera 90° for vertical shots. HDR video recording is also available at 30 fps; as well as the “Normal” or D-Cinelike color profile. There is a 2x digital video zoom available in 4K, a 3X zoom in 2.7K and a 4K zoom in Full HD. According to DJI, this Mini 3 Pro also has better imaging performance thanks to 2.4 μm pixels. With the aperture at f/1.7, we can expect more detailed images and better rendering in low light conditions or at night.

Improved battery life and smart features

Despite its featherweight, DJI announces a maximum flight of 34 minutes for its Mini 3 Pro (against 31 minutes for the Mini 2). For the first time in its history, the manufacturer is also offering an additional option to benefit from extended autonomy. called Intelligent Flight Battery Plusit allows to pass to 47 minute flight but is not without impact on the weight of the drone. DJI confirms that the takeoff weight exceeds 249 grams with this battery. The O3 transmission system is present, for a live stream in 1080p up to 12 km away.

In addition to hardware improvements, DJI offers the shooting modes of the Air and Mavic ranges on the Mini 3 Pro. This suite of smart features includes:

  • The following FocusTrack
    • spotlight 2.0 keeps subject in frame during manual flight.
    • Point of interest 3.0 frames the subject within a defined radius and flight speed.
    • Active Track 4.0 follows the subject in two different ways:
      • Monitoring : The camera tracks the subject at a constant distance.
      • Parallel : The aircraft follows the subject at a constant angle and distance while flying alongside it.
  • QuickShots
    • Drone view : The Mini 3 Pro flies backwards and upwards keeping the camera locked on the subject.
    • Spiral : The Mini 3 Pro rises and spirals around the subject.
    • Rocket : The Mini 3 Pro mounts with the camera facing down.
    • Circle : The Mini 3 Pro circles around the subject.
    • Boomerang : The Mini 3 Pro flies around the subject in an oval trajectory, rising as it moves away from the subject and descends as it approaches.
    • Asteroid : The Mini 3 Pro creates a shot that starts as a spherical panorama high above the subject and ends in a normal hovering shot close to the subject.
  • MasterShots : MasterShots keeps the subject in the center of the frame while executing different maneuvers in sequence to generate a short, cinematic video.
  • hyperlapse : Creates a dynamic Timelapse where the aircraft flies along defined trajectories while shooting.

The DJI RC, a new controller with integrated touchscreen

Another confirmation, the DJI Mini 3 Pro comes with a new remote control with an integrated touch screen 5.5 inches. Called DJI RC, it avoids going through the screen of your smartphone through the Fly application. The latter is directly accessible from the integrated screen. Finally, and to improve or personalize the flight experience, the Mini 3 Pro comes with with several accessories.

DJI Mini 3 Pro DJI RC

In addition to the standard 34-minute battery and its Plus version (47 minutes), the manufacturer offers a two-way charging station to recharge the batteries in series. There is also a set of ND filters (ND 16/64/256); propellers or even a 30W USB-C charger. The latter recharges a standard battery from 0 to 100% in just over an hour (64 minutes); or a “Plus” battery in 101 minutes.

Price and availability

DJI Mini 3 Pro at the best price Base price: €739

The DJI Mini 3 Pro is available for purchase today in various configurations. the DJI Mini 3 Pro (without remote control) is sold at the price of 739 € and only includes the drone. This formula is intended for users who already have a compatible controller to fly the drone.

The DJI Mini 3 Pro is sold at the price of 829 € with the RC-N1 radio control (without screen). The DJI Mini 3 Pro (DJI RC) is priced at €999 and includes the new DJI RC remote control. Note that this RC controller is currently compatible with the Mini 3 Pro and will support “more drone models in the future”.

DJI Mini 3 Pro + RC-N1 controller at the best price Base price: €829

Finally, accessory kits are also available for sale today. the DJI Mini 3 Pro Fly More kit is displayed at the price of 189 € and includes two intelligent flight batteries, a two-way charging station, two sets of propellers and a shoulder bag. the DJI Mini 3 Pro Fly More Kit is sold at the price of 249 € and includes two Intelligent Flight Plus Batteries, a two-way charging station, two sets of propellers, and a shoulder bag.

DJI Mini 3 Pro + Smart controller at the best price Base price: €999

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